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Father, husband, @liberal_party Leader, 23rd Prime Minister of Canada. | Papa, mari, chef du @parti_liberal, 23e premier ministre du Canada.










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Justin Trudeau @JustinTrudeau

J’ai rencontré la premiere ministre @SannaMarin cet après-midi. On est unis contre l’attaque du président Poutine et dans notre soutien aux Ukrainiens. On va continuer de coordonner ensemble et de faire avancer nos priorités communes – comme les changements climatiques. —

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Justin Trudeau @JustinTrudeau

It’s been four years since the attack in Toronto that claimed the lives of ten people – and changed the lives many more. As we remember those we lost that day, our thoughts remain with their families and friends. We’re here for you, and we always will be. #TorontoStrong —

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Justin Trudeau @JustinTrudeau

My heart breaks for the families and friends of the four cadet officers who lost their lives early this morning in Kingston. The tragic passing of these young Canadians is a devastating loss. To all who knew them: We’re here for you. —

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Justin Trudeau @JustinTrudeau

Our hearts are with the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at community during this difficult time, as they mourn the passing of former President Nadeem Mahdi. He dedicated his life to bettering the lives of others – and he leaves behind an incredible legacy. —

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